50th Reunion Tour of MHS

Some members from the Milton Hershey School class of 1969 toured the campus to kick off their 50th anniversary reunion. First stop was the new supply center where the kids get outfitted with their clothes and where many of the meals are prepared. We saw the staff make the mac ‘n cheese we eventually ate for lunch in the Catherine Hall cafeteria. Next up, High Point Mansion, built by Milton Hershey for his wife and now the home of the Board of Managers for the school. Before visiting the building we knew as Senior Hall from which we graduated, the bus did a quick drive-by of the new student homes on the north campus (Legacy). The school on the hill went through a complete renovation, bringing it up to standards for a modern middle school. Catherine Hall, in honor of Milton’s wife, kept its familiar exterior, but inside there remain only hints of the halls we roamed; none of the shops remain.