Favorite Photos from 2023

This year I spent time with some absolutely wonderful people, photographing the landscape and simply enjoying one another’s company. I owe my complete gratitude to Michael Blanchette who was behind most of this.

In March a group of us spent two weeks on the Lofoten archipelago. Yeh, the adage “the worst weather makes the best photos” does not necessarily apply. The Lofoten crew re-assembled for a few days of ad hoc shooting on Cape Cod in June. In between I visited France, touring Brittany and Normandy. And finally with planning that pre-dates the COVID era, we got the “original band together” for our tour of New England in the fall.

I am blessed to live here, and so include images from Peeper Pond, Nantmeal surroundings and events at Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Grounds. Some of the year I spent exploring techniques to create derivative images. While not necessarily portfolio material they still go in as favorites for 2023.