Edward Bacon, Photographer

I am an amateur photographer specializing in nature and landscape images. This blog is intended to provide an outlet to preview my photographic work, and to reflect on learning the craft of photography and to explore ways for people to connect through my images. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you find something inspiring.

In the mid-1970’s I taught Mathematics at Richard Stockton College; by coincidence Linda Troeller joined the Arts and Humanities faculty the same year as I joined NAMS. Stockton challenged its students and faculty to explore outside of their disciplines and push their comfort zones. So I audited a few of Linda’s classes, commandeered the science lab’s dark room, completed a “senior project” that documented the 1979 Red Zinger and became hooked.

In the early-1980’s, I did some freelance sports photography specializing in bicycle racing. Well, really I was offsetting the cost of bicycle components or camera gear, and rationalizing travel to races across the US. In 1984, I took a job as a software engineer with Burroughs and bought a home with a well whose water featured a different chemical every week. Both of these lead me to abandon the darkroom.  Fast forward to the 00’s, digital camera and the tools to do the magic of the darkroom on a desktop computer, and I am back.

Jane, my wife who has a background in graphic arts and advertising, encourages me to get out and shoot, as well as, attend workshops each year. We have traveled together to fascinating and beautiful places (she as the “art director”, me as the grunt photographer). This time around I have come to see myself as nature and landscape photographer.

Having recently retired from The Vanguard Group, I will focus on a number of projects, such as documenting the seasons and flowers on Peeper Pond (our home), and capturing the watersheds of Northern Chester County.