Photo Gear for Sale

Going through my gear closet it is time to find a good home for a few items. Below are links to the current product page for each, noting that some have had product revisions since I had purchased them. All items are in very good condition. If you are interested please contact me via email 



Really Right Stuff Carbon Fiber Tripod and Ballhead TVC-33 Carbon Fiber Tripod

BH-55 Ballhead with clamp

$1,500 $500
fStop Loka UL bag, light weight backpacking bag with internal frame and ICU Loka UL 37 liter camera bag

Medium slope ICU

$300 $100
fStop Guru bag, internal frame and ICU Guru UL 25 liter camera bag

Medium slope ICU

$260 $75
Gnarbox v 1.0 rugged storage device Gnarbox v 1.0 256 GB $400 $100