2014 Favorite Photographs

In 2014 I had wonderful opportunities to visit and experience the Lofoten Islands, the Olympic peninsula, the Dolomite mountains and Burano in Italy. Each trip generated memorable conversations and laughs with friends, some long time and some new. Each trip brought a little deeper understanding of  making photos and myself. Each image comes with its story. Some it was the trek to the location, some it was the physical conditions at the location, some the waiting for the light or re-imagining the scene.   In making these selections, save for one, I have excluded the everyday “assignments” close to home. I made some very nice images from Nantmeal, Welkinweir and events like the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show, but as you may notice below I already have problems counting to 10.

I wish you all the best for 2015, please remember to be nice to one another.


These and more images are available in my archive.