Create Reminders for Your Next Photo Trip

Here is a post that outlines how to put a list of things to do in the iOS Reminders App in order to prepare for a photography trip. You will need to have Drafts, a very versatile note taking app, and should be familiar with its integration with the iOS Reminders App.

Create a new Draft that uses the first line delimited by the # character as the name of the list in Reminders. Each subsequent line will be an item in the list. You can download my PhotoTripPrep.txt as a starting point, after pasting it into your draft, make any needed personal customization. Then click on the “List in Reminders” action.




I changed the generic list name from “Photo Trip Prep” for my upcoming “Olympic NP” trip. This view in Reminders shows my current progress working off the list.


To avoid having to find my list and paste it in each time, you can make this a “Pinned Draft” which can be found in the Pinned tab. Alternatively, I use TextExpander Touch and have created a snip-it with the text of my default list. Now I simply type the abbreviation and it automatically expands in Drafts. I modify the title to match the Photo Trip, add or subtract items and click the “List in Reminders” action.

This technique can be used for all sorts of reoccurring list. In fact, I was motivated to write this post after receiving John Paul Caponigro’s Insight eNews, which linked to his presentation on The Art of Travel. Next up I will be creating TextExpander snip-its to expand into Drafts for my variants on JP’s packing lists (camera bag, computer bag and clothing).